Accredited Operations Specialist


Accredited Operations Specialist

The Accredited Operations Specialist program provides instruction to achieve a complete understanding of the concepts and criteria to develop a comprehensive world class Management and Operations program for a critical facility.

Why AOS?

The AOS curriculum provides instruction on the Tier Standard: Operational Sustainability. Developed by Uptime Institute experts who have managed and operated some of the world’s most elite data centers, AOS enables you to:

  • Build and sustain effective operational behaviors.
  • Align operations to ever-evolving business requirements.
  • Prioritize practices and understand risks to focus on those factors that will most improve facility performance.
  • Apply the Tier Standard to improve facility operations.
  • Learn methods to measure and track a facility’s operational sustainability and efficiency.
  • Provide a consistent and proven set of standards, processes, and measurements across an entire data center portfolio.
  • Inspire a results-oriented culture that achieves excellence.
  • Protect the investment in facility equipment and systems, increasing asset lifespan and ROI.

Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS)
The curriculum’s level of detail is appropriate for data center facilities managers and operators to apply the Tier Standards to ensure that the critical facilities – for which they are directly responsible – are operated to meet the needs of the business.