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At ADN Datacenters we understand the importance of a fast and timely procurement of secure and cost-competitive infrastructure.


This is why we have developed a robust virtualization platform inside our business private cloud (ADN Cloud) in order to provide fully customizable dedicated servers with the highest availability and information security standards.


ADN Cloud includes a wide range of services, including Virtual Platforms, storage and licensing as required for the implementation of the solutions that your business needs.


All our services are covered under a SLA, as well as the support and assistance of our NOC 24/7, in addition to the availability of our team of specialists who are fully qualified to manage and/or support your business infrastructure.




Your company’s key information grows on a daily basis, and without such information your business may become unable to conduct its operations on a normal basis. This is why at ADN Datacenters we provide procurement solutions for high availability storage, whether for virtual servers or physical servers collocated in our data center.


We have a wide range of storage capabilities available, from gigabyte (GB) to terabyte options (TB) or either dedicated SAN devices. ADN Datacenters is capable of meeting your information management needs and ensuring the availability and growth of your data in an expeditious manner, without requiring the investment of large amounts of money