ADN Colocation

ADN Datacenters



Servers and applications without connectivity are worthless. The design and implementation of the telecom aspects of any Project or service are definitely complex, and this is why in ADN Datacenters we have specialists available on this topic along with the involvement of the main carriers operating in the country.


Today’s technological landscape is moving forward speedily; physical and virtual servers, platforms as a service, and many other options arise on an everyday basis; however, these options become worthless without the appropriate connectivity.


Now more than ever an appropriate connectivity with optimum bandwidth, security and redundancy providing high availability levels are key to the success of any industry. This is why at ADN Datacenters we have focused on providing solutions which may enable our clients to design and implement the most beneficial connectivity schemes for their specific operations.


At ADN Datacenters we have a robust infrastructure consisting of Carrier Class equipment, connectivity with the main carriers across the region, as well as the direct management of our Ipv4 – Ipv6 routing blocks for our IP addresses, which allows us to provide actual BGP services. All of this, along with our highly-qualified team of specialists, allows us to provide world-class services, being capable of designing, implementing and administering the most suitable connectivity scheme for your company, regardless of how complex or dynamic your operations are.


Collocation (Space and Energy)


This is a service designed for companies that believe in focusing their efforts on doing business rather than spending their time worrying about technical affairs. ADN Datacenters has the perfect solution for these companies. Your company may rely on our state-of-the-art technology facilities. ADN Datacenters provides a TIER III certificated world-class infrastructure, ensuring continuity and support in line with your business’ strategy.


What does our Services include?

  •  Infraestructura TIER III completamente redundante.
  •  Pasillo frío encapsulado para ambientes de alta densidad
  •  NOC 24/7.
  •  Platform monitoring services.
  •  Plug and play connectivity to the main telecom carriers in the country.
  •   Powering that suits your needs.
  •   High-density racks capacity.




At ADN Datacenters we provide customized solutions that suit your needs, whether your company requires the collocation of 1U, 1 Rack or a customized suite with multiple racks.



  •     Customization in terms of connectivity, power and cooling
  •     Hardware procurement (forget about CAPEX and technological obsolescence)
  •     License on Operational Systems and other applications (Windows, Linux, etc.)
  •     Platform administration and management (health of hardware, operational systems and specific applications)