We are celebrating our 20th year anniversary!

Hard work and dedication has led us to be the number one data center company in the country, leaders in technology and cloud computing services with first-world infrastructure, Tier III certified.

We began operations in 2001, as ADN Solutions, being certified as a Tier III data center, shortly, according to the Uptime Institue.

Achieving this certification allowed us to reach other milestones. We offered the services that high calibre companies were looking for and needed. Tier III certifies that the data center’s infrastructure has the capacity to reach optimal levels of performance in order to accommodate certain industry-specific needs. Meeting these standards, we have offered Tier III certified operations since 2013.

In 2017, we were certified ISO 27001 norm and recertified recently. This international norm was achieved in order to protect the availability, confidentiality and integrity of the information stored in the datacenter. Our commitment with delivering high-quality services has allowed our company to have clients that are listed in the first 10 laces of the Fortune 500 list.

We are also certified Essential Costa Rica. The Country Brand aims to increase productivity in Costa Rica, which is why the associated organizations are evaluated in 5 areas: Sustainability, Excellence, Costa Rican Entailment, Social Progress and Innovation.

ADN Datacenters, certified with the norm ISO 27001, number one data center in the country and with certified first-world infrastructure; reaffirms the commitment to delivering the highest quality services to all of its clients. We have been able to see this reflected on all our milestones during these 20 years of operations.

If you want to take a look at our TIER III world-class infrastructure, book a virtual tour.

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Certificaciones ADN Datacenters

The certification, which is granted by INTECO, the Technical Standards Institute of Costa Rica, was delivered to ADN Datacenters for the first time in 2017 after meeting a series of rigorous requirements, making us the first data center with this certification in the country. 

We are proud to have achieved the recertification of the ISO 27001 standard: Information Security Management System, reaffirming our commitment with our clients to protect the availability, confidentiality and integrity of the information stored in the datacenter.

“We have first-world infrastructure operated with excellence. We are a company based on processes, guided by the ISO 27001 standard, in which our company has been certified for three years. The hard work we have poured into the organization is reflected in a data center operation with more than 10 years with 100% uptime and more than 160 highly satisfied clients that trust the services of ADN Datacenters.”

Luis Carlos Rojas, CEO
Certificaciones ADN Datacenters
ADN Datacenters Certifications

In order to achieve the recertification, we demonstrated the commitment of our senior management team with the information security management system, as well as having a high-performance team, an adequate risk management plan and implementation, the definition and assurance of the necessary resources, the evaluation and analysis of performance, as well as the implementation of a continuous improvement system.

We are the most experienced in the market (with almost 20 years) and have a TIER III world-class infrastructure, certified by the Uptime Institute, a world authority on data center certification.

Our company also certified Essential Costa Rica, aims to deliver a Premium data center service, in an agile, flexible and reliable way, combining first-world infrastructure, with a highly experienced work team focused on adding value to its clients, one of which is listed in the top 10 of the Fortune 500.

If you want to take a look at our TIER III world-class infrastructure, book a virtual tour.

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Costa Rica and its renewable energies

For the past decade or so, our use of apps that run over the Internet has grown incredibly, reaching a point where we use them for almost all our day to day activities.  From sending an email, sharing a picture using Instagram, watching a movie on Netflix or getting an UBER to move around town, Internet has become as precious as the air we breathe to go on with our lives.

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